How IOTA Is Leading Innovation In The Internet Of Things

Imagine a world where you wouldn’t have to bother in the morning to check whether your car was full of gas or fuel because your managed to get itself filled. How?, I will tell you how. Your car communicates to the nearest local fuelling station that it was out of fuel and that it needed a refill, after which it communicates to your phone to transact payment. Or say your phone could tell that your fridge was freezing up too much or you could control basically “every” machine in your house with your phone while in town. This is the internet of things.

We can all tell from the sci-fi stories of today that sooner than later direct machine-machine transaction will take over. However, this needs a platform as stated earlier, and that’s what IOTA stands for.

IOTA Has Managed To Build For Itself A Good Global Reputation

The IOTA foundation has managed to convince many people unto its side in terms of adoption of new technologies that utilise blockchain in a way. We have Volkswagen (German auto manufacturer, VW), and Bosch and ITIC already into partnerships with the IOTA platform, all for the purpose of the Internet of Things experience.

The firm’s primary concern now, which it has stated that it is working on, is how it will fully deliver this service to its customers. The city of Taipei smart city project partnership with IOTA is only one of the first of many to come. Per a recent tweet by the platform’s main twitter account, the adoption rate of the platform has increased because of its very many partnerships in recent times.

IOTA’s prime advantage is the fact that it tackles almost all areas that blockchain technology ventures into. Right from the sphere of production, to that consumer behaviours and patterns, and finance. This is all in a bid to be able of get rid of human influenced problems like corruption. With leading influence in the field of IoT integration in the world now, IOTA sure is the best choice to make in terms of platform with the way forward and maybe as an investment option.

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