Taiwanese Airline to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments for Flight Tickets

FAT Taiwan Inc., the company behind the Far Eastern Air Transport brand, has announced that it will accept crypto payments for tickets, making it the first Taiwanese airline to allow its clients to fly for cryptocurrency. The airline says it will fully accept cryptocurrency for the payment of tickets and all relevant services, with the aim of becoming a pioneer of cryptocurrency adoption in the aviation industry.

Zhang Gangwei, the airline’s president, commented: “The widespread use of cryptocurrency in various scenarios will usher in a new future for the airline business, lodging industry, OTA (Online Travel Agent) and the entire tourism sector. FAT is about to be the number one in the industry to embrace cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.”

Far Eastern Air currently operates flight services around east and southeast Asia, including lines to several cities in China and Japan, Cambodia, the Philippines, and South Korea as well as a number of destinations across Taiwan. According to its announcement (text in Chinese), passengers will now be able to enjoy a more convenient and “discounted” booking experience using cryptocurrency as they purchase from its over 20,000 flights a year and all related travel products of the company.

Considering its home and target markets, it is no surprise that the airline wants to be seen as a crypto pioneer. Besides the regional media attention that it will no doubt bring, accepting cryptocurrency payments will hopefully attract the many passionate bitcoin traders and users that Asian countries, Japan and South Korea specially right now, are known for.

And if you are a crypto flyer and looking for a place to land, it was just reported that a South Korean travel website with over 50,000 hotels and other types of accommodation facilities will also accept cryptocurrency payments.

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